A Beginning

Well hello!

Thank you for taking the time to venture over to my new little place where I’ll share a love for food, recipes, pictures and life!

Before I engage you in my love of all things, I thought I’d share a very brief summary as to why I decided to come out into the blog world.

Drum roll please….

I have had a secret love affair with blogging for the past five years. I’ve written many of my thoughts on a different blog, but I was never ready to share with the people I may physically know. I’ve been following so many wonderful bloggers over these years and while I may not know them, I’ve loved reading about their lives, their thoughts and especially the recipes they share! I can honestly say (and call me lame if you must) one of my most favorite times in the day is when I can escape real life, holding a hot cup of coffee, and read the many words that fill my screen.

I won’t bore you with the details of my love for writing, nor will I keep you much longer today. What I will tell you, is that I am really excited to have a place to call mine where I can share the recipes I create, the life that I live, and how grateful my heart feels to finally have found a way to share my passions in life.

I hope you come back to visit!